This website is intended to show you some of my lyrics.

My name is inga armstrong.

Location : UK

Email : inga_armstrong (at) yahoo.com



Page 1  Human,  Billie,  Indifference

Page 2 :  Pearl,   Fallen

Page 3 :  Bottle Swing,  Little Dahlin

Page 4 :  Naked Show'd,    Paper

Page 5 :  Time,   Psychopath

Page 6 :  NightmaresSplash



Member of  www.taxi.com.

Name there is inga.


Websites I like : www.INFOWARS.com

On Youtube speakers I like: Dr Bill Deagle, Alex Jones, Dr Richard Alan Miller, Katherine Albrecht, The Lilly Wave, Alan Watt (not wattS), Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, William / Bill Cooper, Project Camelot, Project Avalon, Dr Joel Wallach, Red Ice Radio, Miles Johnston with his Bases series, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Abraham Hicks.